The Pathway Capital Group Inc. (TPCG)


At The Pathway Capital Group Inc. (TPCG) our investment  partners  are actively seeking sound investments.  We help navigate these waters by matching them with the viable companies to fund.

TPCG - Funding Partners Have a Combined 10.5 Billion to Invest

Mediation and Unpaid Invoices Contract Dispute Resolution Service:  Millions Resolved and Paid Per Month

Our seasoned conflict resolution professionals have resolved unpaid invoices and disputed contracts by providing the highest level of corporate mediation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. While keeping our clients' customers safe for repeat business. We are not a collection agency. We are professional mediators, because of this, our client’s cases are paid and settled. They rarely go to trial.  

Times have changed and most of our clients understand they can't use a bill collection agency to collect on debt owed while maintaining a positive relationship with their customer and distributors.

Factoring – Cash Revenue Deposited into Your Bank for Your Invoices Now!!
We are proud of our factoring partners for they work hard to turn our clients' invoices into cash revenue fast. This helps our clients grow their company and succeed.   

Mergers and Acquisitions – Brokering the Sale of Your Company

Our professionals understand how to sell your company. Our M & A team works closely with you to find the right buyer.

TPCG mergers and acquisition business brokers advise companies with revenue from $1 million to $5 billion. We are highly skilled M & A professionals that have built relationships with hedge funds, private equity groups and platform companies that want to buy your company.  

Fashion and Apparel financial services 

Retail store capital growth funding

Fashion designers factoring banking to private equity funding

M & A service - buy and sale retail to fashion and apparel companies

Services - Billions to invest in your industry