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accounts receivable mediation

Mediation of Unpaid Invoices Contract Dispute Resolution Service:  Millions Resolved and Paid Per Month

Your customers are safe with our mediation financial executive team  

Our seasoned conflict resolution professionals resolve unpaid invoices and disputed contracts by providing the highest level of financial mediation, and alternative dispute resolution. This is done while keeping our clients' customers safe for repeat business. We don't act as a collection agency. We are professional financial mediators. Because of this, our client’s cases are paid and settled and their customers remain happy and stay with our clients.  

Times have changed and most of our clients understand they can't use a bill collection agency to collect on debts owed while maintaining a positive relationship with their customer and distributors. 

​Our clients come to us with $ Millions in unpaid invoices per month. Our mediation team reconciles these issues amicably, using proven and innovative methods to ensure a positive resolution. We turn those unpaid invoices and disputed contracts into cash revenue without fear of losing customer or distributor relationships.

​Mediation Division: Where our clients customers are safe for repeat business.