The Pathway Capital Group Inc. (TPCG)



Accounts receivable outsourcing


​Accounts Receivable Management @ TPCG: TPCG in house financial advisor can management all of your Accounts Receivable:

-          Handle all invoices mailing
-          Post invoices electronically with quick reporting to you
-          Free up time
-          Safe and complete accounting transparency at all times
-          Customer will be treated with highest level of 5 star customer services
-          Electronic reporting sent to your IPAD or smart phone
-          Review and get access to your invoices at all times   

Start today and stay on your accounts receivable with less time effort and stress:    
- Use our AR outsourcing service while keeping your customer safe..

​* We will give you consultation to control your AR and stop it from hurting your company
* Your customers disputes will be handled with highest level of customer care
* Turn your customers' past due invoices into cash and keep them safe for repeat business